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Image by Jen P.

Visual Content

Image by Charisse Kenion

Fashion Design

Image by Timothy Buck

Interior Design

Creative Consultant

Internationally minded disaster solver

and a woman of many talents.

My essential skills are systematic research, creative business thinking, strong attention to detail, strategical view on business and the capability to get the job done
- I am a firm believer in group thinking and teamwork.
I've been told I can see the future: you name the problem, I've already seen it and solved it - and probably taken a photo of the solution. 
I love to photograph.
What I love: passionate people, change-makers, challenge and jumping to the unknown, well designed products, exploring the world to get inspired, helping
people see opportunities they would otherwise miss, creative business. 
I take life and work seriously but never stressfully. I excel in hectic environment and when others are about to lose their minds, I get my calm groove on and help carry projects through.

Visual Content / Creative Consultant

I help my clients connect with their audience in more effective and visually appealing way. I focus on coming up with creative communication tactics. 
With a keen eye for detail and a creative mind, I offer a clean and visually clear marketing plan for your social media, web site or campaign.
I’ve had the privilege of working with so many great people and interesting projects.
Here a few of them:
Restaurant Fabrik Helsinki, Restaurant Bacco, Lapin Kulta, Andiata, Superson/Vindirekt, Pop Kampaamo, Avanto Ventures, Boutique Armoire, EasyHomes Helsinki, HRX
Image by Laura Olsen

Fashion Design / Styling / Make Up

My designs are result of many years of hard work and study, little sleep,
loads of determination and one too many cups of coffee. ​
I have a degree in Fashion Design from IED (Istituto Europeo di Design, Italy). 
I started to design clothes right after my studies in 2012 and have been a professional
Fashion Designer since.
I’m proud to create pieces that are fresh, original, and timeless.
Stylist work comes to me so naturally. Being in touch with different, even unconventional, 
kinds of materials and textures is very important to me. 
I currently work with several styling projects for pop/rock music artists/groups, designers, photographers and fashion brands.
Jukka Rintala, R/H, Björkqvist Helsinki, Sam Jamsen Photography, Year Gone,
Eskimo Finland, Chamber of Helsinki  

Interior Design ...coming up in the near future

Interior design is such a fascinating field, allowing professionals working within the industry to combine their creative skills with business acumen as they design functional spaces and interact with a variety of clients.
I'm most definitely able to demonstrate how I communicate my ideas both visually and verbally to a range of people. I guess there's a lot of administration work involved too – I believe that my previous business experience of working with invoices and spreadsheets is a bonus! I know that I don’t posses a huge amount of experience in the field but I do have a good understanding of the industry. 
Furniture and interior design has always been a passion of mine.
Image by Hutomo Abrianto
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